Web Design And Development Internships

Web Design And Development Internships

We can never have enough good applications for information technology, computer science and related fields. We have placed interns with top companies and our students have done excellent work in the past. We have a data base of more than 20 – 30 firms in the field we have worked with over the years and we always strive to ensure we match skills and needs effectively. If you have designing skills, we will be able to get you excellent internships.

Field: Advertising and Graphic Designing

Location: Cape Town

Length: 3 months and longer

Short Description: This company specializes in advertising, brand marketing & management, campaigns and large corporate events for the some of the largest - mainly blue-chip firms, in South Africa. For some of these companies this advertising agency bares full responsibility for all their public relations, corporate functions, events and marketing-related activities. Their portfolio of services includes brand elevating work like television, radio, outdoor and print advertisements for consumer and business-to-business interactions. It is a fairly large firm – larger than most local advertising firms, although a family business. It is a national firm.

Tasks: All aspects of graphic designing in a very busy office.

Applicant requirements: They need experienced graphic designers for their arts division You must be able to work independently on designs and must at least have experience with most of the commonly used graphic designing programs. Your studies will be in the field of graphic – or art and you must at least have an ability to work relatively fast already.

Level of education: Any

Language skills: Good English

Kind of person: A team worker with a creative, mind would fit in well.

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