France (2009)

"I have a lot to thank you for. My experience in Cape Town was fulfilling on all levels. I met some truly wonderful people, and forged some friendships which are sure to last. Everyone I met was fun, outgoing and open-minded. We put to good use all the activities and discounts you offer, so when I wasn't working I was skydiving, bungee jumping, township touring, ocean-swimming and hiking - fantastic!

Regarding my professional experience, I have to say it exceeded all my expectations. I was working on a fascinating subject - climate change - and given so many opportunities, which I am so grateful for. I worked very well with my manager, who provided me with the guidance and inspiration I needed. I learnt so much, and have many new skills and experiences to put on my CV. The team was a wonderful and hardworking bunch. Thanks so much for everything. There are not many occasions in my life that I would describe as life-changing, but these two months in Cape Town really were."