About XChange South Africa

What We Do

We arrange internships; assist with visa applications and prepare all the necessary documents required for your visa application. We arrange student accommodation in shared houses, hostels or apartments that is affordable suitable, student living. We will be your permanent contact partner providing advice and support throughout your application process and offer assistance with visa formalities. Students are met at the airport on their arrival and taken to their accommodation.

You are briefed on local issues and given a supplementary information pack of brochures, personalized information, a local simcard and maps. We spend several hours with each student on arrival to ensure that the first impression of Cape Town or South Africa is positive and lasting.

We accompany you to your place of work on your first day and monitor progress at regular intervals with the company concerned. We would find a placement for you based on your university requirements and your own personal interests.

We therefore consider your career, personal and academic requirements when we work with you in finding internship or volunteer placements. We further work according to your time frame to ensure that we are able to place you for the time you have available to visit our country or one of the other countries we work with.

XChange helps to arrange activities for our students and distributes an internal weekly newsletter. We aim to save you as much money possible by obtaining decent discounts where possible for overland trips, tours and activities in Cape Town.

The fields of placement cover virtually every possible field of employment. The most common fields for internship placements are Business Administration, Event Management, Social Work, Human Resources, Economics, Marketing, Media, Law, Architecture, Engineering, Physiotherapy, Occupation Therapy, Tourism, Social Media, Information Technology and Education. We can basically place virtually every field and has experience in doing so as well.

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XChange South Africa is an international human resource management company specializing in placing students and volunteers seeking unpaid work experience, internships or voluntary work in South Africa. XChange South Africa was established in 1997 when the first university students were brought out from Germany to Cape Town. Our office is in Cape Town and focuses on companies around Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Somerset West and the Garden Route. We had students from 70 different nationalities to date. We mainly accept applications we know we would be able to place in a good internship or volunteer placements.

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What Makes Us Different?

We, at XChange South Africa, will go the extra mile to make sure you have all you need for your stay here in Cape Town.

Internships / Volunteering

We will find you an internship or volunteer work based on your personal interests and university requirements.

VISA Application

Support With Your VISA Application.
*Excludes the cost of your VISA.*

Airport Pick-Up

We personally meet and pick you up from the airport.

Phone Card

We make sure that you have a South African registered sim card.

Grocery Shopping

We take you grocery shopping on arrival to make sure that you have your own food.

24/7 Support

We remain your contact while in South Africa. We are prepared to handle any emergency issues that might arise.

Money Exchange

We help you exchange currency to South African Rands.

Affordable Housing

Our houses are competitively affordable and fully equipped with all the necessities.

First Day At Work

We personally take you to your internship on the first day of work.

Cleaning Staff

We have a weekly in-house cleaning staff.

Car Rentals

We provide affordable car rentals from trust companies.

Meet Other XChange Students

It will be easy for you to meet students from other houses, counties and study fields as we have a very close network.

Adventure Activities & Tours

XChange South Africa will help arrange adventure activities and tours at discounted prices.

After The Goodbyes

XChange South Africa still remain in contact with most of our past interns and volunteers - many who have become very good friends of ours.